Age: 24 Dress Size: 8
Nationality: White British, Blue Eyed Babe Bust: 32
Height: 5'4 Orientation: Bisexual - Straight
Languages: English
Cheap Rates
Florence- The sultry temptress

Florence is 24 years old gorgeous Blonde Girl. She likes to meet new people and enjoys travel with Passionate partner. She is an adventure seeker. She is an English Lady with the taste of romance and Love. She does what she love. Handsome guys are her weakness. She is an open minded girl and friendly to new people. She is the one who starts the conversation first, always. Being Professional entertainer she knows her job very well and she always give to clients what they want, “love” and “Care”. That is why she is very demanding in the industry. She is a great kisser and you will fall for her in no time. Florence Loves dressing Sexy dresses. She always wants to try something new. She occasionally drinks and smokes. When it comes about her eyes, you have to believe that she has the most beautiful Blue eyes. She always seeks things which can drive her crazy to try them, which can be a guy or an adventure. Florence loves to cook when she is at home and writes about her trips and adventures in her personal journal. She is an Experienced But a young Entertainer. Who know her job very well.