Age: 24
Dress Size: 10
Nationality: British Bust: 34d
Height: 5'4 Orientation: Bisexual - Straight Blue Eyes
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Chloe- The sultry temptress

Chloe is a beautiful 20-year-old bombshell with brown eyes. She knows how to have a good time and likes to laugh. She also loves to keep her incredible body in shape through bicycling and aerobics. She is also not shy about her interests and fantasies. She does not really think of herself in terms of whether she's “dominant” or “submissive,” but she is never shy about telling the men in her life what she likes and what she wants. She does not have a “type” and considers herself a free spirit with a positive attitude. This beautiful escort would be sure to give you a wonderful time. Brown eyes and brown hair, Chloe is every man's fantasy. With the right features in the right proportions, she loves to let you have fun. Standing at 5'4, this bombshell is more than enough for a couple of nights of fun. She is down-to-earth and would take good care of you. She also is available to travel and she is very outgoing. Chloe believes that every man has different personalities and she enjoys meeting new people. She loves hearing new stories and talking. She also knows that different men have different confidence levels, so if you are introverted or extroverted, Chloe knows how to handle just that.