Age: 26 Dress Size:  8-10
Nationality: British,Blonde,Blue Eyed Babe Bust: 30B
Height: 5'5 Orientation: Bi-Curious 
Languages: English Ethnicity: English
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Scarlett- The sultry temptress

Sexy Scarlett is definitely a fireball of a blonde. She used to be an amateur model and is therefore pretty comfortable with individuals' unique tastes and preferences. She also loves performance art, movies and she loves doing the type of work she does as a professional entertainer and escort. Scarlettis the kind of girl that every guy wants; funny, impressionable, sexy and easy to talk to. She would be able to bring you out of your shell if you are quite shy. She can also be quite fierce if the need arises. She is also very secure when it comes to her body as she uses her model background and training to derive confidence in her curves and features. She believes that everybody asset can be accentuated properly. She also loves to get close to the people she meets and she loves thrill of meeting new people. She likes holding real conversation and she also believes that social media and technology has taken out all the fun of real life conversations. She is very devoted to her work as an escort and she believes that every impression made counts. Scarlettis the perfect escort if you want a lady that feels like a trophy and can serve as a beautiful piece of eye candy. She also believes that intimacy is key and the closer you get to someone, the more you discover about a part of themselves that they do not share with the world.