Age 23
Height 5' 6"
Eye Color Blue
Weight 110lbs
Tattoos None
Travel Yes
Shoe Size US 7, UK 4, EU 37
Piercings Ears
Claudia – Carefree, Sophisticated and extremely fun

Claudia is sophisticated, witty and free-spirited. This pretty lady is amazing and fun to be with. She is intelligent, sweet, down-to- earth and quite adventurous. You would have a lot of fun if you hang out with her and she loves to make people laugh. Claudia is only 23 years old with sparkling blue eyes. She weighs 110lbs and has no tattoos. She likes to travel and is very adventurous. She has no body piercing except from her ears and she makes an amazing companion when in Manchester. This perky and slender beauty is blonde and has lovely flowing legs. With perfect skin, Claudia is extremely beautiful and is very open-minded. She is also pet friendly and would be sure to make you the envy of everyone if she is your escort to an event. She holds good conversation and likes to laugh. She also has perfect teeth, which only highlights her equally perfect smile. This undeniably awesome blonde haired beauty makes a wonderful companion and is sure to meet your every need in an escort. She is also equally good at maneuvering uncomfortable situations so you do not have to worry about being uncomfortable or awkward around her.

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    Reviewed by: paulgc34 says:

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